Wednesday 16 February 2011

免費下載 Free Download:Kyo Ichinose -- Si

來自日本東京的電子音樂藝人Kyo Ichinose(ノ瀬響)
上月發行了新專輯"Earthrise 2064"

Earthrise 2064Special Page:

現於Soundcloud網站發佈專輯內的Track 7 "Si"供免費下載

專輯的靈感來自18世紀英國詩人及畫家William Blake的一句詩:
And we are put on earth a little space that we may learn to bear the beams of love

01 Cadetude#1
02 Before the Rain
03 Theme of "Yuragi"
04 Big Sur
05 Longings and Gravity
06 Beams of Love
07 Si
08 Passing at Noon
09 Earthrise 2064
10 Cadetude#2

Kyo Ichinose的舊作:

Kyo Ichinose -- Lontano #3

Kyo Ichinose -- 8 hands

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