Saturday 7 July 2012

Jamie Jones - Tracks From The Crypt

當今炙手可熱的巨星級DJ/音樂製作人Jamie Jones
早前在Crosstown Rebels廠牌
出版了這張"Tracks From The Crypt"專輯

Jamie Jones - Somewhere

這是自2009年首張專輯"Don't You Remember The Future"後
Jamie Jones的第2張專輯
當中收錄了12首以Deep House風格為主的音樂作品

Jamie Jones - Mari 2D Underground

2.City At Night (feat Survelliance Party)
3.Tonight In Tokyo (feat Luca C)
4.Special Effect
5.Mari 2D Underground
6.Our Time In Liberty (feat Art Department)
7.Stems From Hackney
9.Over Each Other (feat Leave Ya)
11.Havanna Good Time
12.The Lows

Jamie Jones - Our Time In Liberty (feat Art Department)

Jamie Jones

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