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Evade - "Destroy & Dream" Live In Hong Kong - 4-Aug-2012

是在香港的Hidden Agenda舉行

Evade - 禮物 (Gift) -2012 live@oxwarehouse_macau

演出日期 / Date:4/8/2012(星期六 Sat)
演出時間 / Time:8:00PM
演出地點 / Venue:Hidden Agenda
(2A, Wing Fu Industrial Bldg, 15-17 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong)
門票 / Ticket:
預售Advanced:HK $ 120 (由 From 20/6 – 3/8)
現場Walk-in:HK $ 150
(不設劃位 Seats are not assigned)
如何預留門票 How to reserve advance ticket :
以電郵方式預留門票 Reserve by Email (
主旨 Subject:Evade Live in HK at Hidden Agenda
姓名 Name:
聯絡電話 Contact Number:
數量 Amount:
主辦 / Organizer:Hidden Agenda
協辦 / Co-organizer:澳門電子音樂協會 MEMA
表演流程 / Schedule:
序-DJ Lobo
間-DJ Burnie
末-DJ Faye

介紹 / Introduction:
  Evade是一隊澳門3人電子樂團。成員包括Sonia Ka Ian Lao(主音)、Brandon L(結他)和Faye Choi(電腦音效)。成立於2004年夏,音樂風格融合了電子音樂和流行曲元素,充滿甜蜜和夢幻的意境,以聲音作媒介,尋找飄渺美感的氛圍。是澳門其中一隊演奏電子音樂及實驗音樂的樂隊。音樂風格結合了Electronica、Dream-Pop、Shoegazing、IDM、Trip-Hop、Dubstep以及中國音樂等元素。
  2009年9月,Evade同名1st EP,由新加坡音樂廠牌Kitchen. Label擔任後期混音工作,亦由澳門音樂廠牌4daz-le Record發行,除了在澳門發售,也銷售到香港、中國大陸、台灣、新加坡、馬來西亞、日本、加拿大等地,獲得各地聽眾及媒體一致好評,備受讚賞。
  2012年6月,Evade首張大碟專輯-《Destroy & Dream("毀滅與夢")》由新加坡音樂廠牌Kitchen. Label出版發行,收錄12首作品,其中3首是Evade分別與三位出色的日本音樂人(Okamotonoriaki、FJORDNE、Serph)合作的混音作品。整張專輯著迷於夢境、靈魂、記憶與印象等「虛無飄渺」的事物,反映「Destroy(毀滅)」與 「Dream(夢幻)」兩個層面,藉以思考人與世界及宇宙的關係。
  2012年8月4日晚上8:00,Evade於Hidden Agenda舉行音樂會「“Destroy & Dream” - Evade Live in Hong Kong」,是次除了Evade三位成員外,還邀請了客席樂手,前澳門電子樂隊Dr.核心成員Lobo,以及影像設計師Miguel Khan一起同台表演,更配以DJ打碟音樂,呈現電子音樂的多元面貌!

Evade - 尋找佛洛依德的虛無飄渺(Seeking For MR. Freud) Live In Macao

Evade is a three-member electronic band from Macau, formed by Sonia Ka Ian Lao (Vocals), Brandon L (Guitar), and Faye Choi (Sound).
Formed in the summer of 2004, Evade is one of the rare few electronic bands in Macau. Their musical style is a blend of electronic and compositions with a sweet, dreamy atmosphere that creates ethereal soundworlds, specifically a fusion of Electronica, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Dubstep and fragments of Oriental culture in music.
The ensemble’s first EP “Evade”, a 7-track compilation, was released in September 2009 with Ricks Ang, director of Singapore-based independent music label Kitchen. Label, mastering the record. Released by Macau’s independent music label 4daz-le Record, the EP was distributed in Macau, as well as in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and elsewhere around the world.
In June 2012, Evade released its first full length album under Kitchen. Label ( The album also features 3 remixes by acclaimed Japanese producers / musicians, Serph, FJORDNE and Okamotonoriako respectively. Since 2004 the band has played live in Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. In August 2010, Evade was invited by Japanese independent music label PROGRESSIVE FOrM to perform at the event “New Sound of Tokyo Vol.6”.
Macau-based electronic band Evade launches their first album “Destroy & Dream” at “Destroy & Dream”- Evade Live in Hong Kong concert. Featuring new style of dreamy electronic, the theme of the concert reflects on the meaning of life, the earth, the universe, all living creatures as well as their own values. The concert will be presented as an audio-visual feast featuring Macau-based motion graphic designer and visual artist Miguel Khan who will manipulate fascination imagery in synchronization to music on stage, and also with DJ Loboo performing some music instruments. DJ Loboo, DJ Burnie and DJ Faye will beat-mix electronic music in the concert. It will be an event for exchanging ideas about Macau’s electronic music scene, opening up endless possibilities for the development of the music and creative industries.

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