Thursday 24 April 2014

Hessle Audio Showcase (Hong Kong 25-Apr-2014)

PUSH presents Hessle Audio showcase w/ Ben Ufo, Pangaea & Pearson Sound

Early bird tickets:
$200 w/ 2 standard drinks before 12.30am; 1 standard drink after

At the door:
Before 12.30am - $250 including 1 standard drink
After 12.30am: $300 including 1 standard drink

For table reservations & enquiries: | 2810 1510

Hessle Audio has become the little label that could - breaking down boundaries between British genres such as dubstep and grime, and a wider array of house, techno and experimental sounds from across the globe.

Today’s dancefloors have become spaces where genres collide, and Hessle Audio co-founders Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea have been instrumental in that shift. On the label’s releases and in their acclaimed DJ sets, the Hessle guys have created new rhythmic tensions by blending tracks from across time and space.

Hessle Audio was formed in 2007 during the exploding dubstep scene, and quickly became one of the main players in the British bass movement. As that scene ebbed and flowed, the co-founders’ musical scope broadened to include everything from techno and glitchy house to hardcore and leftfield experimental beats, and all three co-founders have released separate Fabriclive compilations charting this new direction.

Now for the first time in Southeast Asia, PUSH are bringing the co-founders of Hessle Audio together for an event that will showcase the different facets of this influential and groundbreaking label.


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