Friday 1 August 2014

Joy Orbison - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (26.07.2014)

有來自英國(UK)電子音樂奇才Joy Orbison
在BBC Radio 1內錄製的這一Essential Mix
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Joy Orbison - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (26.07.2014)

在這一長達兩小時的Essential Mix內
除了收錄有他自己的作品"Zoo Talking"
以及與UK Bass音樂名將Boddika合作的"In Here"外
亦有來自英倫當今第一電音才子James Blake
以及另一UK Bass音樂體系猛人Pearson Sound的最新未發行作品

Joy Orbison - Zoo Talking

Tom Ellard – Anthem 82 [Vinyl-On-Demand]
Unknown – Untitled
Bobby McFerrin – Thinkin’ Bout Your Body (ID Edit)
Lady Blacktronika Pres. Bailey Jemille – Gettin’ Heavy (Jordan Fields Re-Edit)
Unknown – Untitled
Jeremy Greenspan & Borys – But Wait There’s More [Hinge Finger - Forthcoming]
Caltrop – Lenny [W.T.]
James Blake – Untitled [1-800 Dinosaur - Forthcoming]
Bruce – Not Stochastic [Hessle - Forthcoming]
Austin Cesear – The Groove [Public Information]
Jackson Lee – Persistence [Mystical Disco]
Microworld – Big Band [Styrax Leaves]
Jackson Lee – Three Mile Island [Mystical Disco]
Kowton – Glock & Roll [Unreleased]
The KVB – I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) [Cititrax]
Gadi Mizrahi – I’ll Set Your House [Wolf + Lamb]
Tames – Squeeze [Galdoors]
Percussions – No Swimming Class [Unreleased]
Barnt – Under His Own Name But Also As Sir [Hinge Finger - Forthcoming]
Barnt – Chappell [Hinge Finger - Forthcoming]
Detromental – Rewind [Rave]
Unknown – Untitled
Joy Orbison – Zoo Talking
Morgan Packard & Jay Patrick Ahern – La Pura Vida [Modular Cowboy]
Boddika & Joy Orbison – In Here [Sunklo]
Voiski – Every Cloud Collision [Syncrophone]
Merle – Fannie Likes 2 Dance [Christabel]
Endian – Untitled
Four Tet – Buchla (Seven Davis Jr. Remix) [Text]
Mike Ink – Playing With Knives [Kompakt]
Roman Flügel – Pattern 7 [Ongaku Musik]
Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle [Unreleased]
Front 242 – Body 2 Body (2 Trax) (Edit)
Smith ‘N’ Hack – Falling Stars [Smith N Hack]

Boddika & Joy Orbison - In Here

Joy Orbison

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