Wednesday 16 September 2015

(In Hong Kong) Sam Binga - Wasted Days Asia Tour (18-Sep-2015)

Bass Music China Presents:
Sam Binga "WASTED DAYS" Asia Tour

著名音樂雜誌 FACT嚴選2015十大必須關注的Drum & Bass製作人
音樂重鎮 Bristol製作人Sam Binga在英國電子舞曲音樂圈打滾超過15年
最初以 Baobinga 之名於 Hardcore Breaks界打出名堂
近年加快了"節奏速度"進軍 Jungle Juke

Baobinga - Nukka

Sam Binga

包括50 WeaponsExitCritical,並已經在這波新浪潮中佔有一席之地
歌曲像 "AYO" "Lef Dem"
以及與 Om Unit 合作進行更實驗性的探索作品
都受到諸如 Zed Bias CHVRCHES 等人的注意,紛紛請他製作Remix
Kode9更是在他備受注目的混音專輯中收錄了 Sam Binga Addison Groove合作的歌曲 "11th"

Sam Binga (ft.Redders) - AYO!

被視為英倫新希望的 Sam Binga 的處女大碟 " Waste Days"

落足本與 Bass界重量級音樂人包括 Warrior Queen, Slick Don, Rider Shafique, Chimpo, Om Unit, Fox 等
並首次來到香港, 北京, 台灣及曼谷作亞洲巡迴演出!!

Addison Groove & Sam Binga - 11th

Sam Binga has been putting his own slant on UK dance music for a decade and a half.
Originally named Baobinga, he rose to prominence in the (shhh!) hardcore breaks era, but in recent years has moved to a quicker tempo, releasing a series of well-received singles that are closest to jungle and juke, but often rely on half-time hip-hop style beats for their potency.
His debut album under the Sam Binga name will arrive on veteran drum and bass label Critical.
It’s titled Wasted Days, and will be released on September 11 with a real rogue’s gallery of guest spots including Warrior Queen, Slick Don, Rider Shafique, Chimpo, Om Unit and Fox.

Sam Binga (ft. Romaine) - Greatest Distance

/ Date : 2015.09.18 (Fri)
時間 / Time
地點 / Venue
XXX Gallery

Early bird
At Door

Sam Binga

Line up :
Sam Binga (Critical / Exit / 50Weapons)
Ekki ( The Collectiv )
Saiyan ( Magnetic Soul / Bass Music China)
DJ 108 ( Bass Music China )
Upbeat Cynic ( Vinyl Set )

Sam Binga (Critical / Exit / 50Weapons)

Bass Music China

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