Thursday 7 February 2019

Burnie - Caramel EP

就是這張在英國音樂廠牌Downplay Recordings
旗下出版的"Caramel EP" !!
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Burnie - Caramel Colour

"Caramel Colour"以及"Cloudy Soul"
同時亦由英國方面的音樂人Kobe JT
製作了"Cloudy Soul"的Remix版本
希望大家多多支持和指教啊 !!

Burnie - Cloudy Soul


It's time to get stuck into some fresh juicy UKG, and what better way to do that than in the company of Downplay, one of the finest arms of Slime Recordings. They bring forward the bubbling sounds of Burnie for three groovy original creations, with the skippy drum structures and catchy vocal slices of 'Cloudy Soul' immediately catching our ears. 

On the flipside, 'Caramel Colour' adds a really nice contrast, with a more relaxed drum structure taking the lead rhythmic role, topped with smooth chord progressions and luscious vocal lashings. This one also comes complete with a vibrant Kobe JT remix, as if this really couldn't get any smoother!

Downplay Recordings

1.Caramel Colour
2.Cloudy Soul
3.Cloudy Soul (Kobe JT Mix)


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