Saturday 7 November 2020

Sonia Calico - Simulation Of An Overloaded World


來自台灣(Taiwan)的電子音樂人Sonia Calico

最近在英國倫敦音樂廠牌More Time Records

出版了專輯《Simulation Of An Overloaded World

Sonia Calico ft. Taj Raiden - Iridescent Vision


當中包括Sonia最近獲選台灣金音獎中最佳電音歌曲的一曲《Iridescent Vision

融合Dancehall, Kuduro, GQOM, Trance以及東亞傳統器樂等的多元音樂風格


Sonia Calico - Club Simulation

1.Chaos (Part I) 

2. Iridescent Vision feat. Taj Raiden 

3. Club Simulation 

4. That Dance on That Moon 

5. Division by Zero feat. Air Max '97 

6. Post Chao (Part II) 

7. Neo Tokyo Folk feat. Dustin Ngo 

8. Mukbang Roller 

9. Primary Function Overloaded 

10. Back To The Horizon (Part III) 

11. That Drum On That Moon (Dub)

Sonia Calico

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