Thursday, 23 February 2023

Heitorinho - Beat Of The Nite Vol.1


來自千禧世代的澳門音樂人Heitorinho,出版了首張個人EP “Beat Of The Nite Vol.1”。

以”夜之節奏”為主題,作品混合了通俗的流行音樂及實驗性的Bass Music舞曲、配以廣東話獨白、純音樂抒情曲及變化多端的節奏等不同的元素和風格特色,為聽眾帶來5首別出心裁,富有不同情感的電音作品,為澳門的電子音樂領域帶來了新構想。

Heitorinho - Listen To The Radio,
If You Feel Lonely

Heitorinho, Macau's musician from Generation Z, has published his first EP entitled “Beat of the Nite Vol. 1”.

Five skillful, emotional pieces related to the night of our city, which includes pop music, dance music with exclusive and experimental bassline, also gives special elements to the listeners, such as Cantonese lyrics, non-lyrical ballad and diversified rhythms, bring the brand new conception of electronic music in Macau.

Heitorinho - To A Friend (ft. VERAO_853)

1.Listen To The Radio, If You Feel Lonely
2.To A Friend (feat. VERAO_853) 
3.Midnight Flame
4.Haunted Rhythm
Heitorinho - Midnight Flame

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