Tuesday 4 January 2022

Heal (自癒體) - Heal


“自癒體”(Heal)由音樂人T.E.N以及Winnie Lam組成。兩人多年來均創作了不少音樂作品,並參與了澳門眾多的現場演出。她們的音樂作品亦獲得了眾多的比賽獎項,包括:“全澳青少年原創音樂比賽”、“港澳青少年樂隊比賽”,以及“澳廣視至愛新聽力”的“至愛歌曲獎”等。

“自癒體”的音樂風格,結合了流行音樂以及電子音樂元素。首張推出的唱片《Heal》收錄英語、粵語、普通話三種語言的歌曲,包括:“Free and Wild”、“自癒體”、“屏幕情侶”、 “Bloom and Winter” 等。創作主題圍繞現代都市青年人之間的日常生活,以歌曲表達屬於女性內心的各種情緒與感受,並藉由音樂讓埋藏於每個人心底裡的傷痕都得以自我癒合和復原。

Heal, a girl group from Macau, consists of musician T.E.N and singer Winnie Lam. Both have composed a lot of music over the years and participated in numerous live performances in Macau. Their musical works have also won numerous competition awards.

The music style of "Heal" combines elements of pop music and electronic music. The first album "Heal" contains songs in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, including songs:"Free and Wild", "Healing Body", "Screen Couple", "Bloom and Winter", etc. The theme of creation revolves around the daily life of young people in modern cities, expressing various emotions and feelings belonging to women's hearts with songs, and using music to heal and restore the wounds buried in everyone's heart.

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