Wednesday 5 January 2022

OOBE - Container


來自澳門的電子音樂人OOBE,近年活躍於澳門的音樂演出及創作領域當中。繼出版唱片《Prophecy》(預言)以及《Metaphysics》(形而上學)後,最近亦推出最新電子音樂專輯: 《Container》!!



融合低音電子舞曲、抽象的藝術性音樂風格等為主軸,當中包括”Dust”、”Sickle”、”Artificial Pacemaker”、”Fibrosis”等兼具纖細精密的聲音動態變化的樂曲, 以音樂開啟大家對當今動盪不安的世界的深層思考。

OOBE, an electronic musician from Macau, has been active in the field of music performance and creation in Macau in recent years. Following the publication of the albums "Prophecy" and "Metaphysics", the latest electronic music album is also launched: "Container".

"Container" released on 4daz-le Records, includes 8 tracks. The theme inherits the previous albums "Prophecy" and "Metaphysics". Through the grand theme pattern, it predicts the huge change, erosion and rebirth that electronic technology will bring to the future development of mankind after 2020. Bringing out the fickleness of the physical world beyond the spiritual level with music.

Integrating bass electronic dance music and abstract artistic music styles, including "Dust", "Sickle", "Artificial Pacemaker", "Fibrosis" and other songs with delicate and precise sound dynamics, opening everyone's understanding of today's music with music Deep thinking in a turbulent world.

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