Sunday 2 January 2022

趙雅穎 (Chio Nga Weng) - 海旁錯覺 (By The Sea)


來自澳門的女音樂人趙雅穎(Chio Nga Weng)
推出了首張唱片《海旁錯覺》(By The Sea) !!

趙雅穎是來自澳門的青年音樂家,從事作曲、編曲以及影視配樂。自七歲開始學習鋼琴,並考進上海音樂學院和美國南加州大學。曾於澳門青年音樂比賽中獲得獎項,以及於IEMC電子音樂大賽、Score The World國際配樂大賽等獲得優異的成績。

此外亦為澳門旅遊局宣傳片、澳門青年博覽會宣傳片、澳門大學弦樂團等編曲,以及參與眾多微電影以及動畫配樂,其作品亦曾用於奧地利維也納的Vienna Amadeus Festival演出。



專輯分為“序章”與“微光”、“擁抱”、“幻”、“ 破曉”四個樂章。鋼琴四重奏蛻變自對大海的冥想,徹夜未眠的創作者於海邊觀看日落、日出,思維漸漸變得漫無邊際,出現了許多非現實的意境和想法,精神仿佛脫離了現實。


Chio Nga Weng is a young musician from Macau, engaged in composition, arrangement and soundtrack for film and television. She started learning piano at the age of seven and was admitted to Shanghai Conservatory of Music and University of Southern California. She has won awards in the Macau Youth Music Competition, and had outstanding results in the IEMC Electronic Music Competition and “Score The World” International Music Competition.

In addition, she has composed music for the promotional video of Macau Government Tourism Office, Macau Youth Expo, and the University of Macau String Orchestra, as well as participated in the soundtrack of many micro-films and animations. She works were also used in the Vienna Amadeus Festival in Vienna, Austria.

Chio Nga Weng's musical styles are varied, covering orchestral music, chamber music, animation soundtracks and electronic music, etc. The creative concept is to continue to create more innovative works, and to find a unique music style that belongs to Macau.

"By The Sea" is the debut album of Chio Nga Weng. The album is inspired by fantasy of the ocean and the sky. The music is organized as a piano quartet, consisting of two violins, cello and piano respectively.

The album is divided into "Opening" and four movements, "Phosphenes", "The Embrace", "Illusion" and "The Dawn". The piano quartet was transformed from the meditation on the sea. The creator who stayed up all night watching the sunset and sunrise by the sea, gradually became boundless in his thinking, and many unreal artistic conceptions and ideas appeared, and his spirit seemed to be separated from reality.

The album as a whole is influenced by romantic music and film music, the harmony function is clear, and the atmosphere and feeling are emphasized. The first and third movements have a twentieth-century musical style with distinct layers. The second movement refers to the creation methods of popular music scores, while the fourth movement tends to the theme motivation and development method of minimalism, in order to give the audience a different musical experience.

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