Monday 18 June 2012

Krafty Kuts - Let's Ride

來自英國白禮頓(Brighton,UK)的Krafty Kuts
最近出版了這張最新專輯"Let's Ride"

Krafty Kuts - Good Time (feat Sporty-O)

1.Feel So Good (feat Dynamite MC - intro)
2.Good Time (feat Sporty-O)
3.Let's Ride (feat Sporty-O)
4.Children of The Night (feat Stellar MC)
5.Feel Like Jumpin (feat. Marcia Griffiths)
6.Monkey Dance 
7.Bang The Underground
8.Shake Them Hips (feat DJ Assault)
9.Work That Body (with Tim Deluxe feat Mike G)
10.COMPNDED (Edge*1) (Krafty Kuts re-kut)
11.Arcade Madness (feat MC Flipside)
12.Get To The Club (feat Coco Monday)
13.Pounding (feat Dynamite MC)
14.Bad Boy Bass
15.Let It Go (feat Veronca Blacklace)
16.Money Controls Me (feat Veronca Blacklace & King Gordy)

Krafty Kuts - Let's Ride (feat Sporty-O)

以主打作"Let's Ride"為首的一眾作品

Krafty Kuts vs Gordon Edge - Compnded

而Krafty Kuts亦在他的Soundcloud網頁上
發佈了這張專輯的Album Preview Mini Mix
Free Download: Krafty Kuts - Let's Ride - Album Preview Mini Mix

Krafty Kuts

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