Tuesday 21 October 2014

(Live In Macao) Lydmor - Live In LMA (22nd - Oct - 2014)


Date: 22nd Oct 2014
Time: 21:30
Ticket: $120 at Door only

Venue: 澳門美副將大馬路五十號新美工業大廈十一樓B

Lydmor - Young

強勁節拍、夢一般的音境、感動人心的樂章,這大概是哥本哈根女音樂人 Lydmor 於10月22日帶來 LMA 的音樂世界。自2012年發表第一張專輯“A Pile of Empty Tapes”,Lydmor 活躍於丹麥以及歐洲各國。其中合作單位包括德國著名DJ ﹣ DJ Alle, 比利時樂隊 Arsenal 以及美國歌手 Amanda Palmer 等等。 各位,請準備迎接這位歐洲新星的電音世界。
Lydmor - Electric Mistress
A young, shy girl enters a stage in Vienna and stands in front of 400 people. None of them knows her music, and she is all by herself on the stage – only accompanied by a computer, a keyboard and some electronic instruments. 40 minutes later everybody screams for more. The last couple of years the young singer and producer, Jenny Rossander, has charmed the world with her quirky ...electronic music and intense live performances.
Lydmor - Lamppost Light (Beta Session)
Well-established Danish artists including Sort Sol and Bon Homme (WHOMADEWHO) have fallen in love with her, which has resulted in several performances. LYDMORs characteristic voice has also impressed international stars; German DJ ALLE FARBEN & Belgian band ARSENAL has announced that she will be featured on their next albums, and American singer AMANDA PALMER performed with her in the fall in Copenhagen.
Bottled in England - The Fire (feat. Lydmor)
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