Thursday 21 December 2017

Zed Bias - Different Response LP

在Bass Music音樂領域中
享有"江湖大佬"級地位的Big Boss人物Zed Bias
早前在英國著名音樂廠牌Exit Records
出版了這張新作"Different Response LP" !!
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Zed Bias - Lost Soul (ft. Eva Lazarus)

Zed Bias純熟地運用Soul及Gospel等元素
並找來DRS, Harleigh Blu, Lazarus, Disco Puppet等客席音樂人協力下

Zed Bias - In The Room (ft. Harleigh Blu)

1.Give Up The Ghost (feat Disco Puppet)
2.In The Room (feat Harleigh Blu)
3.Restless (feat Eva Lazarus)   
4.Don't Play   
5.Something Wrong (feat Nasrawi)    
6.Lost Souls (feat DRS)  
7.Pick Up The Pieces (feat Boudah)  
8.Energy High (feat Bahia)  
9.Just Like OHM  
10.He Loves Me (feat Harleigh Blu) 
11.Dissecting Frequencies     
12.The Medicine Man (feat DRS)   
13.Jibba Jabba   
14.Coral Mist (feat MstrJ) 
15.Heading North

Exit Records

Zed Bias

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