Thursday 7 April 2011

Before The Rain (Breakfast's Remix) - Kyo Ichinose

日本電子音樂藝人Kyo Ichinose(一ノ瀬響)
早前在電子音樂廠牌mu:nest出版了專輯"Earthrise 2064"

發佈了專輯中的一曲Before The Rain的Remix版本

Kyo Ichinose(from Japan) released his latest album "Earthrise 2064"
on mu:nest Records recently

Breakfast, the electronic band from Argentina
made a lovely remix of "Before The Rain" (a track from Earthrise 2064)



Here is what Breakfast said: "While we were listening to the original track for the first time, we feel like swimming in a sea full of textures and melodies.With these ideas in our head we began to remix the track like playing with our sensation before a rain in a beauty summer day.When we produce a remix,we use only small and repersentative part of the original track to make a new piece of music with our personal touch. Hope you like it!"

Before The Rain(Sample) - Kyo Ichinose

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