Wednesday 27 April 2011

C.R.S.T - Forever After

來自英國卡迪夫(Cardiff , UK)的C.R.S.T
本月在Deep Thrills廠牌旗下
出版了這張"Forever After"
當中涵蓋UK Garage至UK Funky的音樂風格

C.R.S.T - Forever After

除了主題作"Forever After"
個人亦喜歡這首"Everything Changes"

C.R.S.T - Everything Changes

1.Put A Spell On You (part 1)
2.Heartbeat (part 1)
3.Forever After (part 1)
4.Everything Changes (Part 2)
5.Feel It (Part 2)
6.Roach Clip (Part 2)

The Drop - Looking In The Sky (C.R.S.T Remix)

而C.R.S.T早前為The Drop的Looking In The Sky製作了Remix
在2-Step/Future Garage的節拍下
配合The Drop的Reggae部份主唱


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