Saturday 19 January 2013

Free Download:(免費下載): DJ Zuju - 2013 January DnBmix

澳門(Macao)本地元祖級電子音樂人DJ Zuju(Photon Lam)
繼2012年的DnB mini-mix後
最近亦發佈了最新的DJ Set供大家免費下載
Free Download:
DJ Zuju - 2013 January DnBmix

Sabre, Stray and Halogenix - St. Clair

以Drum N' Bass音樂風格為主
收錄了共24首包括Sabre, Synkro, Enei, Loxy, SPECTRASOUL, Marcus Intalex等音樂藝人的作品

Synkro - Progression

1 .Sabre, Stray and Halogenix-St. Clair
2 .FD-Blue Sky Research
3 .Synkro-Progression
4. Need For Mirrors-Pantone
5 .Sam KDC-Betrayed
6 .Jubei-Say Nothin (feat. Flowdan) (Extended Mix)
7 .Loxy & Resound-League Of Shadows
8 .Spinline-Life (Clarity Remix)
9 .Code 3-Living Proof
10.Ruffhouse-The Foot
11.Prolix-What You Need
12.Silent Witness-Run Time
13.Rockwell-Rekohu Sunrise (X Untold)
14.Enei-2012 feat. Eastcolors
15.DJ Chap-Seven Lines
16.Loxy & Resound-Metro
17.Enei-I Dont Know
18.SPECTRASOUL feat TAMARA BLESSA-Away With Me (Calibre remix)
19.dRamatic & dbAudio-Far Away
20.Marcus Intalex-Mud
21.dRamatic & dbAudio-Days Running Out
22.Marky & Makoto feat. Deeizm-Free
23.Brooklyn-Stages (Commix remix)
24.Young AX-Listen Up

Marky & Makoto feat. Deeizm - Free

DJ Zuju

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Free Download(免費下載):DJ Zuju - DnB mini-mix

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