Saturday, 12 January 2013

(Live In Hong Kong) Forgotten Dream Carnival Reborn

今天在香港觀塘舉行的Forgotten Dreams音樂會
有我(Burnie)和Faye在DJ Hall中演出


Jan12 2pm-2am



∞ 實驗.後搖滾
Experimental | Post Rock

∞ 電子音樂
DJ Vj Syra

∞ 錄像投影
Video Mapping

∞ 街頭藝術
Street Art

∞ 行為|形體|舞蹈
Performance Art | Movement | Dance

∞ 手繪紋身
Henna Tattoo

∞ 以物換物地攤
Free/Flea Exchange Markets

∞ 紮作裝置藝術
Bamboo Framework


觀塘海濱公園天橋底 Kwun Tong Promenade
免費入場 Free Admission for all


「Forgotten Dreams Carnival」為大型藝術文化節「香港藝穗民化節」的其中一部分。「香港藝穗民化節」承接愛丁堡藝穗節的「Fringe」精神﹣多元、開放、包容、融入生活的藝術態度,旨在讓不同界別、不同形式及風格的藝術團隊在更民間、更自由,不囿於商業操作考慮的框架下,百花齊放,務使民眾能欣賞到多姿多采的藝術面貌。
是次藝術節希望以親切活潑的露天嘉年華形式,包攬不同形式的藝術活動,讓觀眾容易投入其中,亦讓不同的藝術形式能互相交流撞擊。其中又以實驗後搖滾、Video Mapping及二手以物換物鼓勵環保及遁環再用為是次推廣的重點。

[Forgotten Dreams Carnival] comes in part of Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival, which inherits the "Fringe Spirit" of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - diverse, open and encompassing. With this culture-and-people-based art festival, art in all forms are given the occasion where they can bloom genuine and unrestrained, away from conformity and misconceptions.
The festive approach of [Forgotten Dreams Carnival] aims to congregate audiences in a most down-to-earth and upfront outlet whilst art in all forms jam in to create more possibilities and exposure for each and every performer's passions.. Giving back to all who have been supporting many of these unique causes under-one-roof..
Set up is an Experimental Rock Bandstage and a top of the line DJ Hall to excite and occupy your senses, along with Video Mapping Installation Showcase, Improv Dancing, Bamboo Framework Performance, Interactive Art Performances and Flea/Free Exchange Markets which encourage environmental conservation will keep people buzzing with elation all day long.


∞ Life was all Silence
∞ tfvsjs
∞ Tree Phoning 紙風鈴
∞ Topsy-wave
∞ Elf Fatima
∞ Old Man on the Chair
∞ Downer
∞ An I.D. Signal 意色樓


DJ Hall Lineup:
K-Melo (thegetupcollective-hk)
Kitchom (thegetupcollective-hk)
Nerve (sessionshk/afe)
Iya (sessionshk)
Rolec (sessionshk/sg)
Jamline (sessionshk)
DJ Enso (xxx/solos/sf)
Yao (xxx/metaunt/sf)
Hidden Dragon (UK/HK)
Rahyym (HK/Kenya)
Songs for Children DJ Set (UK)
DJ Faye (macau/evade)
DJ Burnie (macau/evade)
That Rick Guy (sessionshk)
Phaeton (sessionshk)
Robin Dubkong (sessionshk)

VJ+Video Mapping:
Team John Chow 周莊


Bamboo Framework Installtion + Performance - Jinno Neko 神野貓

Face Painting, Temporary/Henna Tattoo - Remex Wu @Marcotomato Fx Studio

On Site Improv Dancing 形體舞蹈
- Acty, Green May, Christine He (Germany)

Performance Art 行為藝術
- To Yeuk, Monique Yim, Him Lo

Free/Flea Exchange Markets 以物換物地攤


Free Admission for all


Presented by:


Co-organized by: Sessions HK, Strategic Sounds

Associated with: Wikitopia, People's Fringe Festival

Supported by: Groovie Station, Songs for Children


- About [FMEL]

The mission of [Feel Music Experimental Lab] is to promote and spread sound art, experimental and improvised music by encouraging musicians/artists with cultural backgrounds to jam and communicate with audience directly. Through listening to great albums, improvisation, jamming, workshop, discussion and sharing, we wish to wide open Hong Kong's music scene, build up unique music style and find new music directions/ideas.

深化音樂體驗, 普及聲音藝術, 開放音樂文化。

- About Videotage

Videotage is a leading non-profit organization in Hong Kong focusing on the presentation, promotion, production & preservation of video and media art, serving artists in the expanding technological art & culture network since 1986.


- How to Access

1. Bus
Take Bus Route No. 11D, 15A, 15P, 23, 28A, 74A, 74X, 80, 80P, 80X, 83X, 93A, 268C, 269C to the bus terminus at Kwun Tong Pier.

2. Green Minibus
Take New Territories Green Minibus Route No. 103 to the minibus terminus at Kwun Tong Pier.

3. Ferry
Sai Wan Ho<-->Kwun Tong
Embarkation: Sai Wan Ho-Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier, Tai Hong Street
Kwun Tong-Kwun Tong Public Pier, Kei Yip Street
North Point<-->Kwun Tong
Embarkation: North Point-North Point (East) Ferry Pier, Harbour Parade
Kwun Tong-Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, Hoi Yuen Road

4. MTR
Kwun Tong Station Exit B3: 10-15 minutes walk along Hoi Yuen Road.
Ngau Tau Kok Station Exit B6: 10-15 minutes walk along Lai Yip Street.


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